Mother holding son after working with CPS defense lawyer to fight CPS in court

Find a CPS Defense Lawyer in Fort Bend County

Has CPS interfered with your family? Are you a resident in Fort Bend County, Texas? You need to work with a strong CPS defense lawyer who is well-versed in how CPS operates and knows how to defend your rights in the family court system in Fort Bend County.

As a lawyer who practices family law exclusively, I understand how to fight CPS in court to support your efforts to protect and restore your family. I also know what CPS can and cannot do in Texas, where many parents get tripped up trying to fight back against CPS on their own.

You don’t want to risk your family’s future attempting a solo mission against CPS. If you live in cities such as Sugar Land, Richmond, Rosenberg, Pecan Grove, Fulshear, and other locations in Fort Bend, I can help you form a strong defense against CPS.

Need immediate support fighting CPS in Fort Bend County? Call my office at 281-944-5485.

Why Work With a CPS Defense Lawyer?

If you attempt to contend with CPS, you will quickly discover that it’s an uneven playing field because of the experience level. CPS is solely focused on becoming involved in the lives of children and families when there is suspicion of child abuse and neglect. This is all they do.

Meanwhile, if this is one of your first experiences with CPS, then you will have to learn a lot in a very short period of time while also continuing to focus on your day-to-day responsibilities with work, family, and other obligations.

A CPS defense lawyer such as myself can help even the playing field for your side. I’ll be able to provide you information about why CPS is looking into your family, what you can do about their investigation, and how to form the appropriate response to protect your family. I’ll also provide you with representation in court to provide you with the best possible defense to protect your parental rights.

Also, having a family lawyer on your side is important because CPS will often overstep the boundaries of what they can and cannot do in Texas. This includes attempting to interview your kids without your permission or attempting to remove your children from home without a court order. If you’re not aware of what they’re doing or what they are allowed to do, then you could inadvertently compromise your family’s standing.

When you work with me, I’ll help you understand exactly what CPS is doing each step of the way during their investigation. I’ll also be available to answer your specific questions about what they are allowed to do during the course of their investigation so that you confidently stand up for yourself.

Ultimately, I will drive toward successfully defending your parental rights in court. I will help you fight back against CPS and their attorneys so that CPS will stop interfering with your family.

Call Me Right Away for CPS Legal Defense

I have been practicing family law in Texas for a decade. I have helped countless families fight back against CPS and restore their family.

With a law office in Sugar Land, I am deeply committed to helping families in Fort Bend County receive legal support against CPS. You need a CPS defense lawyer in your corner who won’t give up until you have achieved restoration.

If you’re tired of battling CPS – or if CPS just launched an investigation into your family and you need immediate help – then call my office right away at 281-944-5485. Let’s get to work on your CPS defense so that you can get CPS out of your life.