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Find a CPS Defense Lawyer Near You in Brazoria County

Child Protective Services (CPS), a division of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS), has a robust presence in Brazoria County. Unfortunately, their position in the county can lead to disputes with well-meaning families.

If you feel like CPS is taking advantage of its authority to go after your family, then I encourage you to work with a CPS defense lawyer near you who can help you fight back. Whether you live in Angleton, Lake Jackson, Freeport, Clute, Alvin, West Columbia, or another town in Brazoria County, you can find expert support from my law office.

First, let me provide you with some information about how CPS works in the county and why it’s a good idea to work with a local lawyer who understands the ins and outs of the legal system.

How Does CPS Work in Brazoria County?

Brazoria County Children’s Protective Services works with the Brazoria County Commissioner’s Court to ensure that there is local funding for CPS programs to protect children in the county. Then, the Brazoria County CPS Unit operates under a Texas state statute to protect abused and neglected children from harm. The unit aims to prevent family breakdown, but they can actually create hardships if they go after families that have done nothing wrong.

Fortunately, the agency can only place children in substitute care if given authority by a court or by individuals that have conservatorship rights. That’s why working with a CPS defense lawyer is critical to prevent your situation from escalating to where your children are at risk of being placed in an alternate form of care.

As a family attorney in Brazoria County, I can help you form the proper legal defense against overzealous CPS representatives so that your family can remain intact.

How a CPS Defense Lawyer Near You Can Help

One of my two law offices is located in Angleton, Texas, which means I am committed to our community and care about families in our county.

I am very familiar with the court system. I regularly work with the District Clerk Family Division and understand how to form strong defenses against the local CPS Unit in Brazoria County.

My collective experience and knowledge make me the right fit to take on your CPS case and present your legal arguments in court. I will fight tirelessly to defend your parental rights so that you can fend off any unwanted intrusions from CPS representatives.

Here’s the typical process that I follow.

My Process for Forming Your CPS Defense

1. Let’s talk. If CPS has launched an inquiry into your home life to check on your children, then call me right away. You don’t want to give CPS an inch. Let’s talk about their initial contact and what they said to you.

2. Find the source. CPS cannot investigate your family without receiving notification of an allegation of abuse or neglect. I will work with you to dig into what prompted their investigation so that we can start forming a strong defense.

3. Gather evidence. I will want to review any evidence that CPS claims to have regarding the allegations against your family. We can also discuss your home life, what CPS said, what they claim, and what the reality of the situation really is.

4. Coach you. CPS will want to conduct an investigation and potentially talk to your children. I will provide you with coaching on how to answer questions that show that you are being truthful without giving away too much information. I will also help you know what questions CPS is allowed to ask your children. It’s critical to remain in control of the situation without becoming stirred to anger. I will help you find the right balance of how to respond to CPS.

5. Defend you. After CPS conducts its initial investigation, it will make a recommendation on whether to continue the inquiry. If they claim there has been abuse, neglect, or another serious problem in the home, this could result in a court hearing. You don’t want to go at this alone because CPS lawyers will try to turn up the volume of accusations against your family.

I will provide you with a strong legal defense to protect your interests. I have participated in countless CPS cases in Brazoria County, so I know their tactics, questions, and approach. I will ensure you are prepared to answer their questions, and I will work hard to help you achieve the outcome you want of keeping your children in your home.

6. Get CPS out of your life. Even if you receive a favorable outcome, CPS will attempt to continue its investigation. They may try to reach out to you (or your children) under the guise of wanting to make sure that your home life is acceptable after the ordeal. You do not have to respond.

If CPS continues to intrude, contact me right away. I will continue to provide you with post-court legal support. Because I am a local attorney, I will be with you throughout the entire duration of your experience with CPS.

Contact me for CPS Defense in Brazoria County

Brazoria County is a wonderful part of South Texas. I appreciate the opportunity to provide legal support to families throughout our area. If you have found yourself fighting a battle against CPS, get in touch with me to form your legal defense.

Call my Angleton office at 979-267-7660 to schedule a consultation. I look forward to explaining why it’s important to find a CPS defense lawyer near you. I will also provide you with more information about my approach to protecting your family from CPS.