Man starting petition for Fort Bend County divorce modification

Find Help With a Divorce Modification in Fort Bend County, Texas

Events over the past year and a half have created a tremendous amount of stress on families across Texas. The pandemic may have led to an entirely new living situation or financial position for you or your ex-spouse. This can certainly affect the terms of your original divorce court order.

I have worked with many individuals throughout this pandemic era supporting a modification of their divorce order, especially in Fort Bend County.

If you believe that your circumstances have significantly changed and you need to pursue a divorce modification in Fort Bend, then I can provide you with expert legal support to navigate the challenges associated with going back through the legal system to modify the court order.

Find Help With a Fort Bend County Divorce Modification

I recognize that it sounds difficult and stressful going back through the legal system to pursue a modification. The original divorce proceeding likely created a tremendous amount of stress and hardship on its own. So, why go back through this process again when it could bring up bad memories and possibly create additional stress for you and your children?

The reality is that if your circumstances or the circumstances of your ex-spouse have materially changed, then you are entitled to a modification of the court order. And, ultimately, this could benefit you in your current living situation.

– For example, the amount of alimony (or spousal support) that you provide to your ex-spouse was based on your income and assets at the time of the divorce. If you have experienced a significant decline in income since the divorce, then you can pursue a legal remedy to bring the amount more in line with your current financial position.

Conversely, if you’re on the other side of the coin receiving spousal support from your ex-spouse, then you may want to modify the original divorce order if your ex-spouse’s income has significantly increased. Then, the court would bring the spousal support more in line with your ex-spouse’s current financial state.

This is where I can provide help making it a much smoother process. I’ll help you navigate each legal challenge on the path to modifying the court order. As an expert on family law in Fort Bend County, I will provide you with the best possible legal support to arrive at the best possible outcome for you and your family.

Other Circumstances to Pursue a Divorce Modification

Financial changes may not be the only reason to pursue a modification of the original court order. Additional changes in circumstances that the court will consider include:

  • Your ex-spouse has re-married
  • Your ex-spouse has moved out of the state of Texas
  • You or your ex-spouse have experienced a significant health change
  • Your ex-spouse has been jailed, arrested, or incapacitated
  • The child visitation terms included in the original divorce order are no longer feasible
  • There are more children in the mix, requiring a modification of the child support aspect

The key is being able to prove that there has been a substantial change that is expected to continue for a long-term period. In other words, it can’t be a temporary change that will soon rectify itself.

However, if you believe that you or your ex-spouse have experienced a significant, material, and continuing financial or non-financial change that affects the terms of your original divorce court order, then you can pursue a modification of the order.

How to File for a Divorce Modification in Fort Bend County

When you or your ex-spouse are prepared to formally request a divorce modification, I recommend working with me to help initiate the filing process and submit the appropriate paperwork.

I will help you make a formal divorce modification request through the Fort Bend County District Clerk’s office, review the information that you need to provide to file a Motion for Modification, and walk you through the filing fees that will be required.

Then, we will start the process of gathering appropriate documents proving why the original order should be modified, set up a time to meet with the judge to review the case, and work with your ex-spouse’s legal representative if they also obtain legal representation.

I recognize that you want to complete this process as quickly as possible so that the terms of the divorce order better align with your new circumstances and you can get back to life. That’s why it’s best to work with a divorce lawyer in Fort Bend County to support the entire modification process.

Do you live in Sugar Land, Richmond, Missouri City, Fulshear, Rosenberg, Pecan Grove, Stafford, or another town in Fort Bend? Contact my Sugar Land office at 281-944-5485 to get started on the legal aspects of your divorce modification. I’m here to help with your case!