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Work with a Family Law Attorney in Houston for Your Family Law Matters

Deeply personal and sensitive matters such as divorce, child custody, and other family law issues can be daunting to face alone. When you are in the middle of a family law situation in Texas, it is crucial to have professional legal counsel by your side.

The family court system in Harris County is challenging to navigate alone. Working with a family law attorney in Houston can help you protect the interests of yourself and your family. Let’s take a closer look at the importance of having an advocate fight for your rights.

Navigating Family Law Issues in Houston

If you are going through any of the following family law matters, be sure to contact my law practice as soon as possible to discuss your situation and receive legal support.

Divorce and Property Division

Houston couples are no strangers to divorce. A recent report indicates that Houston — along with two other cities in Texas — is among the top three cities in the U.S. for divorce and unfaithfulness.

Divorce can be fraught with emotions. Some divorce cases are contentious, while others can be settled out of court in what is called an amicable or “friendly” divorce. As a trusted Houston divorce lawyer, I’m here to help you, no matter what type of divorce you are dealing with.

One of the most complicated aspects of a divorce is deciding who will get what assets, such as property and other financial assets. When there is an imbalance in earnings and assets, spousal support may also be part of the equation.

With many years of experience in divorce law, I can ensure that you receive your fair share as part of the divorce process.

Child Custody and Visitation

Couples with children face a unique set of divorce-related matters, and child custody disputes are not uncommon. Custody is remarkably complex, as many considerations go into determining the best living arrangement for children.

Parenting plan agreements should be established to clarify expectations and responsibilities for the care of children. These arrangements include provisions such as:

  • Where the children will go to school.
  • How medical decisions are made.
  • Which parent gets custody on holidays.

You also need to consider visitation rights. A child’s well-being is always the top priority, and a Houston family lawyer can help you negotiate a visitation arrangement that allows you to maintain a healthy relationship with your child.

Parents should set the best interests of their children first, which can be challenging to think about in a heated family law situation. Thanks to my extensive experience with child custody cases in Texas, I can help you make legal decisions that best suit your children’s needs.

Child Support

Once child custody and visitation rights have been established, the court will usually require one parent to pay support to the other.

Texas family law outlines the guidelines for child support, which are based on specific factors:

  • Income and other financial assets.
  • The number of children through the marriage.
  • Costs related to the care of the child (e.g. ongoing medical treatment).

Generally, the child support amount for one child in Texas is 20% of the paying parent’s monthly net income, but this is a flexible guideline.

Child support is intended to ensure that children’s needs are met and that the custodial parent is able to provide for their children. The quality of life that the child enjoys before divorce should be considered when determining a fair sum of support. Other factors, such as the child’s medical expenses and educational costs, can also affect the required support.

I’m here to guide you through the child support process and help ensure that all financial obligations are met. If either parent’s financial circumstances have changed, I can help you adjust the agreement to reflect this. And if your child’s other parent fails to meet their obligations, I can help you take the necessary steps to enforce the support order.

Domestic Violence

Family law matters can be emotionally charged and even volatile. When matters escalate to a point of domestic violence, it is vital to take steps to protect yourself and your family.

In Texas, family violence is classified as an act of:

  • Physical abuse;
  • Sexual abuse;
  • Emotional abuse;
  • A combination of all three that includes physical harm and/or reasonable fear of bodily injury.

Victims of family violence are protected under the Texas Family Code, which allows for protective orders (also known as restraining orders) to be issued by a court.

Unfortunately, incidents of domestic violence are on the rise in Texas. In 2020, law enforcement officers in the state responded to 10% more domestic violence incidents than in the previous year. Many of these incidents involved aggravated assault, with weapons and strangulation being common forms of violence.

Suppose you are a victim of domestic abuse. In that case, an experienced family law attorney like myself can help you file for a protective order and provide the legal support needed to ensure your safety. I will also work to ensure that the abuser is held accountable for their actions and that you receive justice.

CPS Defense

CPS investigations and removals are an unfortunate reality for many families in Houston. The problem is particularly prevalent for minority families in Harris County. According to a recent study, CPS is 3.5 times more likely to remove an African-American child from their home than a Caucasian child.

Any family that is under investigation by CPS should seek legal counsel immediately to ensure their rights are protected.

If CPS finds evidence of abuse or neglect, they can remove children from their homes without a court hearing. This step is known as an emergency removal and can be traumatic for the family involved. Even if CPS decides not to pursue further action, the investigation can have long-term consequences.

I understand the stress you will likely feel in this situation, and I am here to help by offering CPS legal support. I will work with you to:

  • Build a strong defense.
  • Develop an action plan.
  • Ensure that the best interests of your children are met.
  • Help get CPS out of your life!

With my help, you will have a fighting chance at keeping your family together.

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