Pearland divorce lawyer meeting with clients.

Work With a Pearland Divorce Lawyer to Help Resolve Your Dispute

Pearland, Texas, is a great community with lots of wonderful families. Unfortunately, over the past few years since COVID-19 began, there has been an uptick in family disputes, and these disputes have often resulted in divorce.

During this time, I have worked with many spouses in Brazoria County to help them resolve divorce-related matters through the legal system. I firmly believe that working with a local Pearland divorce lawyer will help you arrive at the best possible outcome for you and your family.

I’d like to discuss a few different types of situations that you could be going through right now and provide information about how you can access expert legal support to resolve a dispute.

Are You Facing One of These Divorce-Related Situations?

You can find legal support if you are experiencing one of these divorce-related situations.

1. Family Violence

Sadly, family violence has been on the rise in communities across Texas since COVID, and Pearland has not been excluded from this trend.

According to the Texas Advocacy Project, one in three Texans will experience domestic violence, or someone in their family will. If you are a victim of violence in the home, then divorce could be your best option to remove yourself from an unhealthy situation.

If this applies to you, then I encourage you to take two actions:

  • Call the local authorities to report abuse in the home.
  • Call my offices to find legal support starting the divorce process.

2. Child Custody Issues

If you have children through your marriage, then proceeding with a divorce will create child custody issues. A family lawyer such as myself can help you navigate key legal matters to win the appropriate custody rights for your children.

For example, suppose your spouse has been abusive toward you or neglectful of the children to where they are endangered. In that case, you could pursue sole custody of the children during a divorce rather than settling for joint custody.

I can help you work through the local court system to protect your parental rights and ensure your children are protected from the abusive spouse.

3. Re-Marriage

I can help divorced spouses clean up any legal baggage before entering into a new marriage. For example, if you or your future spouse were previously married, there could be unresolved legal issues from the previous marriage. It’s important to sort through these issues for two important reasons:

  • You want to enter your new life emotionally freed up from the previous marriage.
  • You don’t want your new marriage to be nullified by a court if an ex-spouse brings up a past unresolved legal issue.

Now is the time to close loose ends so that no legal issues are hanging over your head. I will help you create a clean break from the past to ensure that you confidently enter your new life.

4. Current Spouse Hired an Attorney

Is your current spouse trying to get out ahead of a divorce-related legal dispute? If they already hired an attorney to defend their position, you will also want to hire an attorney to defend yourself.

All too often, I encounter instances of individuals representing themselves because they think they have a great chance to “win” a divorce case. However, they end up with fewer assets or parental rights than they expected going into the case because they are not trained on how the divorce process works in Texas.

You don’t want to lose a key asset like a home, vehicle, or bank account or lose custody of your children because the other side has an attorney, and you do not. Work with an attorney to protect your interests.

5. Your Legal Interests Were Not Protected in the Past

If you already went through a divorce and did not receive a favorable outcome, then I can help you get your life back together again.

For example, you may have already lost a key asset or lost custody of your children. I can review your situation, understand what happened, and help you fight back.

Unfortunately, many individuals feel like they do not have a legal recourse to regain what was lost during an unfair divorce proceeding. However, I will provide you with reliable legal representation and act in your best interests to help you restore what was lost.

Talk to a Pearland Divorce Lawyer About Your Legal Situation

You don’t have to go at it alone during a divorce. Whether you are a victim of abuse, are working through child custody issues, or need to correct a past wrong during a divorce, I can help you.

As an expert family law attorney, I’ll be there every step of the way to ensure that your rights are protected, that the dispute is resolved, and that you arrive at the best possible legal outcome in your situation.

If you live in Brazoria County or the surrounding areas, then give me a call at my offices. I will be glad to discuss your case and get started on providing you with expert representation. Find support from a caring Pearland divorce lawyer today.