Our founding attorney, Blair Parker, was a child of adoption, so she knows how important and life-changing this process can be.  No matter what your family situation is, our family law attorneys can help you through the complexities of any adoption case. Planning for adoption takes time and effort.  Adoptive parents come in all shapes and sizes from every walk of life.  Adoptions can be accomplished through private parties or private agencies, and can even be done through foster care or child protective services.  Whether you are a stepparent adopting a stepchild, a non-parent relative or non-relative adopting a child, or a same-sex couple needing an adoption to legalize the parent-child relationship in your marriage, we can help you secure your family’s future through the adoption process.
Adoption services

Adoption is not just for children either!  Many children in child protective custody or who grew up in single parent homes do not find their adoptive parents until they are adults.  If you are seeking to adopt an adult as your child, there is a legal process just for you.

Adoptions are some of the happier moments in the family law business, and we are proud of every adoption we have helped finalize.

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