A father holding his child after working with a paternity lawyer

Find a Paternity Lawyer Near You in Texas

Some family law issues in Texas are straightforward to resolve. However, cases that center on paternity can quickly become complicated and require the specialized knowledge of a paternity lawyer.

You could be a mom looking to establish the child’s legal father so you can receive child support. On the flip side, you could be a man who wants to establish parentage to create a relationship with your child. Or, you could be a man who does not believe you fathered a child. In many cases, a paternity lawyer can save you from paying child support for a child who isn’t biologically yours.

Regardless of your position and desired outcome, it’s important to learn more about the situations that call for expertise in Texas paternity law. I’ll also help you understand how to find a Texas paternity attorney who is right for you.

Who Needs a Paternity Lawyer in Texas?

A Texas paternity lawyer handles affairs related specifically to establishing paternity. This is different from child support and child custody, although an experienced family law attorney should be able to assist you in those matters as well.

Before a mother can receive child support or a father can gain court-appointed parenting time or custody, the father of a child must be legally recognized as the child’s biological father. These are the most common reasons for needing the services of a paternity lawyer.

One other common situation is disputed paternity. This occurs when a man questions whether he is a child’s biological father. In this case, a paternity lawyer can help establish that he is not the father, freeing him from obligations to support the child financially.

How Can a Paternity Lawyer Help Me?

A paternity lawyer will handle most of the legal aspects for you. You will still need to participate in certain elements, but a paternity lawyer will help you understand your responsibilities to meet all of your obligations while the legal process unfolds. The most common steps in a parentage case include the following:

  • Requesting a court order for DNA testing
  • Completing all legal paperwork
  • Communicating with the court
  • Setting court dates
  • Appearing in court
  • A final resolution of who the father is

Ultimately, a paternity test will determine whether the man in question is a child’s biological father. Then, once paternity is established, either parent can take further legal action over parental rights and responsibilities. This means the father can seek custody or set a parenting time schedule, and the mother can request child support payments.

What Should I Look for in a Paternity Lawyer?

You may have questions about how to find the right paternity lawyer that fits the specific needs of your case. What to look for in a paternity lawyer depends on a combination of expertise and your unique needs and preferences.

First, make sure the family law attorney has experience working on paternity cases. In my case, I practice family law exclusively, and I have ample experience supporting men and women in paternity cases in Fort Bend County, Brazoria County, and Harris County.

My experience has given me unique insights into how to navigate legal issues in a paternity case. I will advise you of your options and provide you with expert representation once the case advances to court.

Finally, consider matters like communication, the size of a law firm, and personality factors. Issues of family law can be stressful and emotionally trying, and a compassionate, reassuring lawyer can go a long way toward making the process easier for you.

A large firm might be more likely to hand off your cases to multiple lawyers, paralegals, and other staff. Comparatively, when you work with my law firm, you will work directly with me. I will personally handle your case and communicate with you directly so that you maintain one point of contact throughout the duration of your case.

Identifying your values and locating a paternity lawyer who can provide the type of service you’re looking for can alleviate frustration and concerns throughout the legal process.

Blair Parker Knows Paternity Law in Texas

A paternity case is a serious legal issue, and it’s very difficult to ask for a second chance if things aren’t handled correctly the first time around. This means that if you find yourself heading into a courtroom over paternity issues, it’s essential that you go prepared.

I know how to navigate the Texas family court system and build an argument to best support your desired outcome. A paternity action is easier and more often successful with a skilled Texas paternity lawyer fighting on your side.

If you live in the counties of Fort Bend, Brazoria, or Harris, then reach out to me to discuss your case. Contact my offices at 979-267-7660 or 281-944-5485 for a consultation. Let’s talk about the steps you need to take moving forward.