All parents and caretakers want to provide for their children as best they can.  In family law litigation, that can mean putting yourself in the best financial position possible to do so.  Child support orders are there to protect both the person who receives child support and the person ordered to pay child support. The amount of child support can vary from case to case, and there are several factors that the court can consider when calculating child support.  Judges will often adhere to the guideline child support provisions of the Texas Family Code, but there are situations where it is appropriate to deviate from those child support guidelines. We can help you explore what factors would be most applicable to your family’s situation in order to achieve the most accurate child support calculation.
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Whether you’re establishing child support and custody orders for the first time, confirming or adjusting any amount of past due child support owed, enforcing a child support order, or wanting to change an existing child support obligation, I will guide you through the sea of child support laws so that you can feel confident the amount being paid is correct pursuant to the law.

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