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Work With a Child Adoption Lawyer Who Truly Understands

Do you live in the state of Texas? Are you seeking the ideal child adoption lawyer to help your family? If so, then I recommend working with a legal professional with experience, passion, competence, and the ability to help you make timely, informed decisions at every stage of the adoption process.

As a child of adoption myself, I am passionate about helping parents grow their families through adoption. I thoroughly understand the nuances of adoption law and can provide you with comprehensive support for your case.

Let me help you navigate the array of complex legal issues in Texas and help simplify the process of adopting a child. I’ll explain why you can rest easy knowing that your adoption case is in the best of hands.

How I Can Help As a Child Adoption Attorney

Adoption cases are near and dear to my heart. As such, I will fiercely advocate for you and your family, whether you are a single parent or a set of parents looking to adopt.

It is not necessary to be married in Texas if you would like to pursue adoption. Many single parents complete the adoption process with great success!

Let’s start with a review of the adoption requirements in the state of Texas for prospective adoptive parent(s) to ensure that you qualify.

  • Parent or parents must be at least 21 years of age
  • Parent or parents must show financial stability
  • Adoption applications must be filled out
  • Background and lifestyle information may be shared
  • References may be required
  • Marriage certificate will be needed if applicable
  • Home study must be completed
  • Criminal and child abuse background checks will be required for all adults living in the home

If you qualify and decide to pursue adoption formally, you will need to understand which type of adoption is best to pursue. There are many types of adoptions in Texas, and adoptions can include newborns, infants, toddlers, step-children, and other children at various stages of life. I also have experience supporting families with domestic and international adoptions outside of Texas.

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome during the adoption process is whether the child can maintain contact with their biological parents. Indeed, adoptions with the intent of continued communication with the birth parent(s) are an option in Texas.

However, you may not want your prospective child to communicate with the birth parent, which is not against the law. Just keep in mind that adoptions become more complex if you desire communication with the birth parent to be cut off or limited. I can advise you on how to handle these types of complicated situations in your specific case.

Let’s Simplify the Adoption Process in Texas

As you go further into the adoption process, the anticipation will continue to build, wanting to bring home your new child. That’s why it’s important to continue working with a legal expert to help you get to the finish line so that you can experience the life-changing joy of officially bringing home a new child.

I’ll simplify the legal complexity so that the process is not as difficult for you and your family. When you have an experienced adoption lawyer on your side, things will go smoothly, and an array of potential issues can easily be avoided.

Here are some of the chief concerns that I can help you navigate during the legal process:

  • Obtaining health records and other vital records about the child
  • Accessing pertinent information about the child to ensure nothing is being withheld about the child’s history
  • Verifying the history of the child’s birth parent(s) to identify any problematic issues (e.g., criminal history of one or both birth parents)
  • Ensuring that no other individual(s) can claim custody of the child (e.g., grandparent, step-parent, or a guardian)
  • Supporting the transfer of the child from the biological parent(s), foster care system, or other holding entity to you

These are common issues with standard adoptions in Texas, and other issues may arise depending on the unique nature of your adoption case.

Step-child/step-parent adoptions have their own set of legal issues to navigate. The process of step-child adoption can be complicated if the child’s other biological parent is unwilling to relinquish parental rights. I can help you navigate this unique legal situation in Texas.

I’ll help you acquire proper documentation, work toward having the other parent relinquish their parental rights, help you complete adoption paperwork, submit the paperwork to the court in your county, and finalize the adoption.

Find Help From a Child Adoption Lawyer Who Cares

Whether you are just starting the adoption process, working with an adoption agency already, or deeper into the process needing help getting to the finish line, I can provide you with expert support on the Texas adoption laws.

I want to help you fully understand the adoption process and any legal proceedings or terminology you may feel unfamiliar with. I’ll make sure you have the legal support you need for an open adoption, a private adoption, adoption through an agency, or any other type of adoption.

At every step along your adoptive journey, I will work hard to assist you with competence, compassion, and care. I have helped countless families in Fort Bend County, Brazoria County, and Harris County complete the process. If you live in one of these counties, then contact me today to discuss your adoption needs!

Call my offices today at 281-944-5485 or 979-267-7660 to discuss your case. Let an expert child adoption lawyer support you on the journey to bringing home a new child!