A mother needs a family law attorney in Brazoria County to enforce a court order

Work With a Family Law Attorney in Brazoria County to Enforce a Court Order

If you live in Angleton, Pearland, Clute, Freeport, Lake Jackson, or another town in Brazoria County, I am ready to help you enforce a previous court order.

As a family law attorney in Brazoria County, I understand how family suits work in the Family Division of the Brazoria County court system. I have a decade of experience supporting families as they strive to enforce a court order for various family legal matters.

Areas of Support Enforcing a Court Order in Brazoria County

Consider the areas where I can provide you with expert legal support enforcing a court order:

  • Child support
  • Visitation rights
  • Terms of a divorce
  • Protective order

Failure to Pay Child Support

Many of the cases that I work in Brazoria County involve one party failing to pay child support. If your ex-spouse or the parent of your child is not complying with the terms of a child support order, then I can help you fight back through the court system.

The original court order identified specific terms for child support, including the amount to pay, the frequency of payments, and the means of payment. If the other party is violating all or some of the order, then I can help you enforce the order to pay child support.

A critical aspect of enforcing an order for child support is gathering evidence. You need evidence of delayed payments, missing payments, or outright refusal to make payments. Then, we can form the strongest possible argument to present to the court so that they will compel the other party to fulfill their obligations.

Denial of Visitation Rights

If you went through a divorce involving children or a child custody legal proceeding, you understand the importance of the visitation schedule. If the other party is denying your visitation rights, then I can help you enforce the terms outlined in the original order.

Perhaps the other party started off with slight violations, such as being late to drop off the children. Now, the other person is outright withholding your child(ren) on your scheduled days. You tried to work it out with the other party, but a habit is forming that is infringing on your rights as a parent.

Or, things could be escalating, such as the other party planning to move out of the state of Texas, which would prevent you from being able to participate in your child’s upbringing. Now, it’s time to take legal action to enforce the terms of the original order.

If it’s time to involve the court system, talk to me about enforcing the order so that your visitation rights are protected.

Non-Compliance With Property Division in a Texas Divorce

During a divorce, the court has the power to decide on the division of property if the parties cannot agree. According to Texas law, a court can divide a couple’s estate in a manner that the court “deems just and right,” while making careful consideration for “the rights of each party and any children of the marriage.”

Not everyone will be happy with the final ruling. After the divorce is finalized, your ex-spouse may fail to comply with the property provisions. If you find yourself in this situation, we can work together to enforce the original terms of the divorce order.

Following a divorce in Texas, I will work hard to protect your property, your children, and your livelihood so that you can successfully move forward with your new life.

Violation of a Protective Order in Texas

A common violation in family law involves protective orders. If you obtained a protective order against an ex-spouse or another family member because of family violence, then you can seek out additional protections from the court if the other party is violating this order.

Whether the other party has continued to be violent, has threatened violence, has communicated in a threatening manner, or committed other prohibited acts, then I can help you with the enforcement of a protective order.

If the situation has escalated to imminent danger for you or another family member, then I recommend reaching out to local police in your area of Brazoria County. If you’re not sure where to turn, then contact me right away to guide you on the path to finding support when the other party has clearly committed a violation of a protective order in Texas.

Find Support from an Expert Family Law Attorney

With a dedicated office in Angleton, I proudly serve as a family law attorney in Brazoria County that provides expert legal support for my clients during family law disputes.

When you need to enforce a court order because the other party is not holding up their end of a court order, contact me to discuss your situation. I will serve as a fierce advocate helping you navigate the legal system to arrive at the best possible outcome for your situation.

To get started enforcing a court order, contact my office in Angleton at 979-267-7660. I’m here to help you and your family during this time!