Seeking a Family Law Office Near You? We Care About Your Case

Seeking a Family Law Office Near You? We Care for Your Case

There are several reasons you might want the services of a Texas family law lawyer — and not all of them are bad. You might need support with a legal adoption, or you may need legal support to modify a child custody arrangement after getting a new job.

Or, your reasons for seeking legal help might be because you need a protective order after domestic violence or because you’re about to go through a divorce. Regardless of why you need assistance, it’s important to work with a local family law attorney with years of experience handling cases in your area.

When looking for a family law office near me, you can rely on the attorneys at Parker & Aguilar to provide expert support for your case. Learn more about how we show care for you, your family, and your case.

How a Family Law Attorney Can Help You

Family law focuses entirely on domestic litigation. These cases often involve some type of dispute between two or more members of the family. The following are some of the most common services we provide at our family law firm.


Sadly, slightly less than 50% of marriages in the United States end in divorce. This means that legal representation for a divorce is one of the most common services provided by family law attorneys.

Whether you need support with the division of property and assets, child-related orders, spousal maintenance, or other aspects of a divorce, we can support your case.

Child Custody and Child Support

While these services are usually associated with divorce, that assumes that the parents of the child were married in the first place. If you have a child with someone you aren’t married to, you have custody rights and may be eligible for child support if you are the primary caregiver.

A family lawyer can help craft child custody and child support arrangements, either as part of a divorce agreement or when the parents were never married.


Adoption is one of the services the caring lawyers at Parker & Aguilar provide. Blair Parker, the founder of our law practice, was a child of adoption herself, so providing legal advice during an adoption is near and dear to our hearts.

Adoption laws in Texas are cumbersome, which means you shouldn’t try to adopt a child without being represented by an attorney. A lawyer can speed up the process and help you avoid the red tape that might prevent you from getting approved to care for a new child.

Helping people become parents for the first, second, or even tenth time is always rewarding for our attorneys.

Modifying Prior Orders

Child support, custody, and visitation orders can all be modified if circumstances have materially changed. For example, if your ex-spouse gets a significant raise, you may be entitled to greater child support than what was originally ordered.

If you think any previous court order should be altered based on changes in circumstances, we recommend consulting with a family law attorney as soon as possible. One of our attorneys will review the new circumstances and make your case to the court – if appropriate.


If there is any question over who the father of a child is, that must be determined before child custody or child support can be ordered.

If someone is proven to be the father of a child, that means they have the right to petition the court for partial or complete custody of the child. Similarly, it also means they have a financial obligation to the child and may be ordered to pay child support. 

Conversely, if paternity isn’t proven, that party doesn’t have a financial obligation, nor can they petition for custody.

Whether you are a parent seeking to establish paternity, deny paternity, or prove who the father of your child is, we can provide legal paternity support.

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