Parents with children talking to best family law attorney to defend their parental rights

The Best Family Law Attorney Will Fight to Protect Your Rights

Texas family law is a complex and continuously evolving system. Having expert legal representation in domestic litigation is crucial to protect your rights and ensure the well-being of those affected by ensuing life changes.

For the past decade, I have helped families understand the intricacies of their legal cases and fought to protect their rights in courtrooms across Southeast Texas. Through countless divorce cases, custody battles, CPS cases, and other types of family law matters, I have guided my clients toward the most favorable outcomes for themselves and their loved ones.

Family legal issues can be mentally and emotionally overwhelming. As a family law specialist, I approach each case with integrity and respect for those involved in difficult circumstances to ease life-changing transitions.

If you require legal counsel in a family matter, I promise to advocate aggressively for your rights, protect your loved ones, and achieve the best possible ruling. I believe the best family law attorney can strike the right balance of being realistic about your legal standing while also fighting as hard as possible to protect your rights.

Find Expert Texas Family Law Support in Common Situations

Consider the ways that I can help with some of the most common types of family litigation cases.

1. Divorce Support

Divorce – or dissolution of marriage – is one of the most emotionally taxing and unexpected legal processes you can go through. Parting ways with someone whom you at one time considered a life partner is rarely a consideration in long-term plans. The decision to move forward with a divorce is difficult but often necessary to preserve the quality of life for both spouses and the children.

Certain divorce cases are facilitated by amicable cooperation between spouses. However, other cases, such as those involving spousal abuse, infidelity, or other wrongdoing, can be contentious and uncertain.

Having sound legal aid in these cases is essential to ensure your voice is heard and your rights are preserved. I strive to provide the most zealous representation possible in legal battles to protect your assets and earn the support you need to lead a peaceful, comfortable life once the marriage is dissolved.

2. Child Custody Support

One of the most heavily-contested factors in divorce cases is child custody. The parent-child relationship is a sacred bond. Understandably, both parents make the preservation of that relationship a priority, working diligently to maintain the conservatorship of their children.

Child custody laws are designed to protect children and ensure meaningful relationships with their parents and guardians. With my specialization in family litigation, I apply my depth of knowledge on Texas law to accomplish your child custody and visitation goals.

3. Child Support Legal Defense

Child support, like child custody, is a key component of Texas family law because of the heavy emphasis on ruling in the best interest of the child. That’s why you need to work with an expert family law attorney who can help you make the strongest possible case to either receive what you are owed in child support or protect your rights as the one making child support payments.

Varying factors can allow judges to deviate from the established guidelines for determining child support. Having a knowledgeable family lawyer in your corner will help you arrive at the best possible outcome as either the recipient or payer.

Whether you need help maximizing the amount you are paid or limiting how much you pay out, I will exhaust every avenue to move the calculation to benefit you. Then, if one party does not cooperate or if circumstances change, I will provide the ongoing support you need to enforce the original court order or help you pursue a modification to adjust payments, respectively.

4. CPS Defense

Contact from Child Protective Services (CPS) is often a terrifying ordeal. While CPS is set up to protect children in harmful situations, they can often overstep their bounds and harass parents and guardians into relinquishing rights to their children.

It is challenging to combat CPS on your own. The threat of losing your child is urgent and should be met by a strong legal defense. I have extensive familiarity with the nuances of child protective laws and have helped numerous clients find success in the fight to restore their family by forming a strong CPS legal defense.

5. Modifications of Prior Orders

Life with children is dynamic, with major changes often occurring suddenly and unexpectedly. To ensure that you and your children can maintain a particular quality of life, Texas law allows for modification of orders in light of changing circumstances.

If you experience a material change to your financial or living situation, there may be opportunities to amend visitation schedules, child support payouts, or custody arrangements. Or, if you are concerned about your sustained living standards or potential order violations by the other parent, I will provide the best legal advice to modify orders to your advantage.

Find Support Across All Areas of Texas Family Law

Along with these five focus areas of family litigation, I also offer expert counsel in adoption matters, non-parental custody, paternity suits, grandparents’ rights, and enforcement of orders.

I am dedicated to providing the best legal representation possible with a singular focus on family law. As laws and procedures have shifted in the face of the pandemic, I have stayed current on standards to help family members navigate the system during these uncertain times.

The legalities surrounding parental rights are extraordinarily consequential to the livelihood and well-being of you, your children, and those you love. I am committed to operating with the integrity, honesty, and passion that you deserve to ensure your fair representation in the courtroom.

If you are a resident in Fort Bend County, Brazoria County, or Harris County, I encourage you to contact my offices today to discuss your case. The best family law attorney will work hard to understand your situation and fight to protect your rights. I aim to meet that goal every day.

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