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What Do Family Law Attorneys Do?

Legal issues that affect the family unit in Texas come in all types of shapes and sizes. If you’re new to these types of disputes, you may have questions about how a family law attorney fits into the equation.

So, what do family law attorneys do? They work in various contexts involving families and the numerous legal issues they must contend with. Additionally, they help clients like you by fighting for their best interests during family law proceedings.

Whether you’re going through a divorce, adoption, custody proceeding, or other issue affecting your family, an attorney can represent your interests throughout the legal process. Learn more about the essential role of a family law attorney to support your legal matter.

What Do Family Law Attorneys Do in Texas?

As their title states, family law attorneys deal with the various laws involving family relationships. They have a deep understanding of the Texas Family Code that governs legal matters involving the family and know how the law applies to your situation. 

A competent family law attorney in Texas can handle a variety of cases. Many family law attorneys often focus their family law work in one or a few areas. Family law firms that employ multiple attorneys can provide comprehensive family law services to most clients who walk through their doors.

But what do family law attorneys do precisely? What does the work they do look like? It depends on the type of family law work they are engaged in. Consider this sample of practice areas where you may need support.


Ending a marriage in Texas typically involves decisions and actions that can forever change people’s lives. Divorce attorneys, guided by Texas family law, fight for and vigorously protect the rights of their clients in divorce matters that include:

  • Asset division
  • Division of property
  • Primary family residence issues
  • Alimony (spousal support in Texas)
  • Child custody agreements
  • Child support
  • Other divorce-related issues specific to your case

During divorce cases, family law attorneys work diligently to ensure their clients are informed and protected during the process of dissolving a marriage.


Family law attorneys help clients deal with complicated paternity issues, including challenging and establishing paternity. Because of the high stakes involved in paternity cases, parents are strongly advised to seek legal counsel for representation. 

Child Custody and Support

Child custody and child support also raise high-stakes issues that need professional eyes to sort through, such as:

  • Visitation and parenting schedules
  • Child support payment amounts
  • Child support enforcement

Family law attorneys also help with changes to child support and custody orders, as well as provide representation in guardianship matters.

Domestic Abuse

When domestic violence occurs, family law attorneys can help their clients get the protection they need. You can obtain protective orders from various forms of abuse, including:

  • Physical abuse
  • Emotional and verbal abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Financial abuse

If you are in a difficult situation, family law attorneys work hard to protect you from dangerous family members and obtain the necessary protection.


Family law attorneys play a crucial role in streamlining the adoption process in Texas. They simplify complex situations, ensure a smooth process, and help you get to the finish line of completing the adoption. Here’s how they contribute significantly to helping adoptive parents:

  • Navigate legal requirements reflected in the Texas adoption laws.
  • Provide expert representation in court as your advocate.
  • Help manage sensitive matters involving the transition of parental rights.
  • Provide post-adoption support to protect your rights if any disputes arise.

Having a family law attorney on your side is critical for post-adoption legal concerns. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your attorney is ready to protect the new family structure under Texas law.

Our Family Law Attorneys Are Ready to Help You

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